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These will be provided by your Head of Department in advance of the start of semester.  Each Head of Department will  be provided with a full list of their departments modules and the details of the students assgined to each group.  For Autumn 2020/21 this list will be provided to each Head of Department on Friday 18th September 2020.

​All timetable requirements should be given to your Head of Department/Scheduling Co-ordina​tor.

​An Events/All Staff email is circulated advising of the commencement of the data collection process and the deadline for submissions.

Data collection for the the Autumn class timetable usually begins in February. Data collection for the Spring 2020/21 class timetable will begin in early September 2020.

​Will more than one person be involved in teaching my module?  How will teaching be divided between these people?
Is a specific departmental lab required for delivery of any element of my module?
Is an ITD lab room required for delivery of any element of my module?
What is the appropriate group size for my lab/tut groups (maximum group size)?
Are there course/module changes being processed through APRC which might impact delivery of my module/s?​

​The timetable is issued as early as possible in advance of the start of each semester.  When the timetable is available a notificatoin is circulated via Events/All Staff email advising of this.

Timetables are available at www.timetable.ul.ie. Course, Module, Lecturer, Student and Room Timetables can be accessed at this link.  To access your lecturer Timetable you must log into the site using your UL Computer network log in details. 

​Year 1 students can access a Course Timetable at www.timetable.ul.ie showing all scheduled activity for a particular Course.

Following module registration a personalised timetable is generated for each year 1 student showing which laboratory and tutorial groups they must attend as well as all their lecture hours.  For Autumn 2020/21 year 1 personalised timetables will be available on 25th September at  www.timetable.ul.ie.

You should contact your Head of Department/Scheduling Co-ordinator who in turn will notify the Scheduling Team if this is necessary.